Mar 10, 2009

A Prayer for Your Husband
His Ears:

Father, Your word says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by Your word (Rom. 10:17). I pray that my husband will hear Your words with His heart, not just his head (Ps. 78:1). Cause him to hear Your voice as You instruct him (Deut. 4:36). Speak to him again and again. Open his ears and give him wisdom, causing him to know Your mind, keeping him from pride, warning him of the penalties of sin, and keeping him from Satan's temptations (Job 33:14-17). When You speak to him, I pray that he will listen and not resist (Is. 50:5).

His Nose:
Thank you, Lord, the sweet, wholesome fragrance of You fills his life. It is Your presence within him, an aroma of Jesus to both the saved and unsaved around him. May my husband's life be refreshing to others, a life-giving perfume (2 Cor. 2:15).

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