Oct 31, 2009

Memories at "The Ranch" '09

Every year we go on a road trip to "The Ranch" (as we call it). A beautiful setting on the east side of Mt Hood, Oregon. Acres of land to roam, beautiful sunrises to watch, and sweet fellowship with some dear friends make it out to be a memorable weekend each year. Here are some pictures from this years trip.

Niyah rolled over for the first time! This picture was taken right after she rolled in hopes she'd do it again.... nope, nice try mom.

Chillin' with daddy...

Going for a walk...

While at 'The Ranch' I was refreshed with times of Scripture reading in James and Romans (the next book for November study!) as well as finishing up my reading in 'Becoming God's True Woman'. I am encouraged with the faithfulness of the Lord to speak through His divine and inspired Word to a soul such as mine.

As a new mom of 3 1/2 months and a wife of 5 years I am reminded of the absolute necessity to remain soaked in the Scriptures on a daily basis. I know the demands of "life's circumstances" will be a challenge to manage as the years go on and children, Lord willing, fill our quiver. But in the midst of these challenges and demands of a growing family, it is the Lord who causes me to persevere and have a joy-filled spirit.


The Word of the Lord is full of treasures worth discovering over a lifetime. It revives my soul and makes a weary heart secure. It provides Truth to a confused, depraved generation. It brings wisdom and insight into how I should mother my daughter and children to come. It encourages me as a wife to be the perfect helpmate for my husband and joyful submit to his leading in our home. It lays the sweetest foundation of the good news...the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And so much more!

So be filled, oh my soul, in the gift of grace spoken of in the precious story of Christ
"The Lord is my strength and my song, He has become my salvation." Ps. 118:14

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paige said...

Tarah, those were encouraging words. God's word is precious and living! We love your family so much :) Your little girl looks so sweet! We miss you too and wish we could see you as well. Take care, Tarah.
The Maitlands