Feb 16, 2010

A Lovely "1st" Date Night

My sweet husband surprised me last night with a night 'on the town'... in Leavenworth that is. He got home after a long day of work and handed a scrolled piece of paper with a ribbon around it. Inside explained the wonderful plans for the night! My job was to pack, give instructions to my mother-in-law for watching Niyah, and be ready to hit the town for a dinner out and night in a hotel. YIPPEE!

This was the first time we've been away from Niyah for more than a couple hours. I do have to say, I had wonderful 'caretakers' for her (grandma and grandpa)! So this mommy was able to fully enjoy her time with her sweet husband. Thank you Greg and Candy! We need to practice this more often as Niyah wasn't as thrilled as the two of us were! She missed her momma, but did great non the less-- or at least that's what was reported. By the time I got home she had been refusing to eat out of a bottle so her tummy was rather hungry! No worries though, so has enough storage in her thighs to hold her over for a few days. She came to me with a large grin as soon as I walked in the door at 8:45am. Her 'pouting' worked this time and I came home before she was forced to eat from a bottle from full-on hunger pains. We'll see what she does when that day comes! In the meantime, no plans are underway for being away from her again anytime soon. So maybe it's time to 'practice' the whole bottle thing! :) Silly little munchkin.

In any case, Carey and I did have a great time together. It was VERY strange at first to go out to eat with no 'little sounds' beside me, or to be able to eat with two free hands. We enjoyed a delicious meal at the local Mexican restaurant and then checked into "The Icicle Inn" for the night. It was a blast! We did end up staying awake way too late while watching the Olympics, but it was well worth it since we never get to do such things at home since we don't have cable, nor the energy to just sit and watch something for 4 hours 'til 12am. The morning brought a filling breakfast of belgium waffles, fruit, and juice. And then we had time to sit in our quiet room to read for a bit before coming back home.

I was blessed. I love my husband.


Mrs. Josh McPherson said...

Oh yay!!! I am so glad to hear you had a wonderful time with your husband. When we can get life back to "normal", I hope to help with that babysitting so you guys can go out more often! Love you and can't wait to be home soon.

Andrew and Heather said...

sounds like tons of fun!

Kristen said...

What a blessings! And yah for date nights!! :) It is still so strange for me when I go somewhere without my boys. I feel like I'm missing something... or rather, 2 someones. ;D
So glad you got to enjoy each other. Sometimes those moments as a couple are few and far between in this new role of parenthood. And what a blessing grandparents are!! AMEN! :)
Much love to you all. Kristen :)