Mar 29, 2010

A wife who Prays...I have much to learn

I have started reading "Prayers of an Excellent Wife" by Andrew Case. I have just begun and I already would highly recommend it for any woman who longs to learn how to pray Scripture over her spouse for the glory of God. I have much to learn in this area of spiritual disciplines. I am excited to read more of this book which is spring boarded from The Book. Thank you Sharon, my sweet, encouraging sister-in-law, who has recommended this read.

"Be encouraged, dear Christian reader, with fresh earnestness to give yourself to prayer, if you can only be sure that you ask for things which are for the glory of God." George Mueller

"Prayer, at its best, is the noblest, the sublimest, the most magnificent, and stupendous act that any creature of God can preform on earth or heaven. Prayer is far too princely a life for most men. It is high, and they are low, and they cannot attain it." Alexander Whyte

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