May 12, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

My first 'Mother's Day' was wonderful this year. I was a blessed momma by the sweet presence of my little Niyah Joy. Last year Carey and I did celebrate the day since I was a mother to her while inside the womb. But this year she is here for us to experience her delightful self everyday.

Here was my day: We enjoyed an enriching service at GCC with a great sermon by my brother-in-law, followed by a tasty chicken curry sandwich from Jeepers Bagels enjoyed down by the Wenatchee River, then we came home for a relaxing evening outside and had BBQ steak for dinner. Delicious. Thank you McPherson men!

As the days continue and I am more and more apart of this little ones life, I am forever grateful for this amazing opportunity to be called 'mother'. It is a joy to teach, shape, pray for, and nurture the heart of Niyah.

Lord, I do not know how many years I will have with her, but I trust You completely with her life and the perfect plan you have for each of our lives which You promise to be for our good and Your glory. Your steadfast love endures forever. In You I give thanks and rejoice in all things, at all times, through every circumstance. Thank you Jesus for the gift of being honored on 'Mother's Day' because of the gift of our sweet girl.

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