Jul 13, 2010

Niyah's Birthday Party

It was a true joy to celebrate Niyah's first birthday with friends and family this year. We had a wonderful time together celebrating at our home in Leavenworth, WA. The weather was in the 90's, but a nice breeze kept it bearable for this outside event. Niyah was fortunate to have three of her great grandmothers and two great grandfathers come (as pictured above). Many other family and friends came to express their love to this little one year old. Aunts and grandmothers made delicious salad's, Grandma Candy made the refreshing frozen lemon dessert, and I made the large and miniature coconut-lemon cupcakes and vanilla sprinkle cupcakes for everyone. I decorated with pictures of Niyah throughout the first year of her life. I loved putting together the pictures and reminiscing over the past year. What a special gift she has been in our lives.

At one year old Niyah is only days away from taking off and literally 'running' into a walk! She has the 'one-handed' thing down as I walk beside her, but has only ventured into taking the steps with absolutely no help just once. On July 9th she took three wobbly steps all by herself, but has not repeated it since. She definitely loves to be on-the-go in an upright position ANYTIME someone is up for a walk with her. :) I am expecting any day now she'll be off and running.

She loves to spend time with daddy. She gives one of her big, gorgeous, bright-eyed, scrunched-up-nose smiles to him anytime he walks in a room as she exclaims, "hiiii daaaadddy". Adorable. She gets to spend one full day with him a week when I go in to work. I think it is a great day for both of them!

Niyah does well with playing with herself and with her cousins. She is learning how to have 'siblings' around by the fact that cousin Levi, Ella, and Amelia are never too far away! I think it is giving her great practice for future life with siblings. She likes Levi's assortment of trucks, tractors, fire engines and taxi cars. Infact, just yesterday she decided it was a good idea to have the taxi take a swim.... in the toilet. That was fun to fish out for mommy. She also likes to read books with mommy or auntie Sharon. She will sit and look at the pictures very intently and turn the pages for me. She received some new books for gifts at her party which we are excited to add to our growing collection. Thank you family and friends!

She is a 'blankie' girl when it comes to bed-time or relaxing time. She definitely has a favorite soft pink blanket that she will sweetly squeal at when she sees it coming. She will then burrow her face into it and humm a sweet tune. All she needs then is a story, song, and pacifier and she will be reaching for her bed to go to sleep. She still naps 2x a day. And will sleep 7pm-7am at nights. I am loving this schedule, but know that it could change at any moment, so I am enjoying it while I can!

Niyah Joy has eight teeth now. Four on top and four on the bottom. Once she had her two bottom teeth poke through most of the rest of them came in all at once by the time she was about 8 to 9 months old. She is a good eater. She loves blueberries. In fact she would eat an entire carton if I let her! She also really likes pears and peaches in yogurt. She is into cinnamon raisin bagels at the moment as well. Raisins and craisins are continually a staple snack along with a graham cracker. She doesn't want anything to do with mom's homemade squash medley anymore. So I am trying to experiment with other vegi's and protein to give to her. So far she is seeming to be a fruit-arian. And of coarse this new one year old birthday party thing has caused her to thoroughly enjoy her sweets. She wanted seconds!

Overall Carey and I are so blessed by the gift of our little girl. This past year has included some of our fondest memories together. We are thankful for the times of laughter, times of tears, times of trial, times of joy, times of sorrow, and times of growth in our faith the Lord has given us. For He is continuing to do a great work in us and for this we say Thank You Lord for not leaving us as orphans, but calling us into Your glorious inheritance. We often pray that He would do the same in the life of Niyah. For we know it is only through His grace that she will be awakened to the truth of the gospel. It is our prayer to display and teach her the gospel well in order that she too may desire what her mommy and daddy find their joy in, namely Jesus Christ.

Happy 1st Birthday Niyah, Love Mommy and Daddy

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paige said...

This look like a lovely party to celebrate the gift of her life! Life is so precious. She seems like a very special little person :)
We're celebrating with you!