Aug 25, 2010

We've Been Back 1 Year

This week has marked the 1 year anniversary since we've been back in the valley. August 22nd 2009 was the day we drove away from our Portland home. We waved goodbye to our first "home" as a married couple. Our 5 years in Portland were very special. Both Carey and I still hold very fond memories of the people, places, and experiences there. It is well missed.

But the Lord called us out of that town for at least a little while. And we have been blessed and grown in greater dependence on Christ in new ways that wouldn't have been possible if we'd stayed in Oregon. So for this we are grateful. There have been new relationships to be built and new trials to persevere through, and new joys to behold.

I can say, for the most part, that the time back in central Washington has been different than what I expected. And yet, that is just what the Lord needed to do in order to move me out of my normal comforts and sanctify me to greater depths. And so, I will press on, keep walking forward, maintain focus, and live in knowledge of Christ my Savior.

Maybe we'll see you again sweet memories and dear family of Portland, but for now..... I chose to follow Christ and He has me here. And I rejoice.

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aejames said...

well said. glad your little family is here!

love you guys,