Oct 11, 2010

A Sweet Reminder of the Lord's Faithfullness in Suffering

Some dear friends of ours let us know of a prayer request last week regarding some family friends of theirs. I thought I'd share the link to you as well since this is evidence of the Lords faithfulness through trails. Here is a summery of what happened on October 4th as stated from their website:

On October 4th, Emily Creach, seven months pregnant with her first baby girl, along with her three little boys, was involved in a tragic automobile accident. She lost control of the vehicle and crossed the oncoming lane and hit a row of trees going about 50 mph. Emily and all of the boys were restrained in the vehicle, but the damage was so severe that extrication was delayed. Emily and the two older boys were life flighted to Spokane where she lost her baby girl, and fought for her own life with traumatic internal injuries. Elijah was stabilized with a broken jaw, Nathan sustained internal injuries requiring surgical repair, and Judah was monitored for a concussion. All of the Creaches are stable at this time, but recovery is ongoing.

Please read more about the Creach Family story and pray for them as they still have a long road of healing, physically and emotionally, ahead of them.
Praise be to God for His will being done in both the death and life of this family. May their trial and endurance through suffering bring many into the kingdom of God for His glory.
Here is the link:

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Sarah said...

Thank you for posting this, Tarah. God is so good.