Jan 31, 2011

Marquardt Wedding- Troutdale OR 1.29.11

Groom Steven Marquardt and groomsmen Carey

Her first BIG fall and the road-rash to prove it
We left for Portland on Friday afternoon. We returned on Saturday evening. Short trip, but very enjoyable and fun to reminisce on memories past and to visit with some of our dear friends. Carey was honored to be a groomsmen in his friend, Steven Marquardt's wedding. He married a lovely, sweet woman named Jesse. The ceremony was quaint and beautiful. The message given by their pastor spoke words of Biblical truth. I really enjoyed listening to the words he spoke as I was both challenged and blessed as a wife. It was a good reminder to pursue my spouse and forgive my spouse in remembrance of how Christ has pursued me and forgiven me even when I was undeserving and in opposition of the Holy One. Christ was persistent and pursued. Wow, thank you Lord.

We were thankful to see a few friends at the wedding and spend the brief time we had together. I only wish it could have been longer!
The last two pictures shown above give you a glimpse of the "day-after" look of Niyah who took a big fall on the cement right before we left for home on Saturday. Her nose caught most of them impact as you can tell. But her daddy was quick to catch her before it got any worse. I am sure there will be more of these 'looks' in the years ahead. Especially with brother coming soon! This should be exciting. :)

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