Jul 8, 2011

Silas' First Hike and River Fun 7.7.11

Silas' first hike with daddy and mommy was on the 'Fourth of July trail' on the 4th of July! This was one of daddy's goals for the summer. We didn't complete the 26 mile hike, but at least got to a view point. :) We'll have to take Silas here again since he seemed to sleep this time around! As did Niyah since she stayed home and napped with Grandma Candy. It was our first hike since last summer (in Hawaii!). We've also had some afternoon walk along Blackbird Island along the Icicle River. Niyah loves to throw rocks into the water and splash with her feet. It's too cold to swim in right now, but we look forward to the days ahead when we can enjoy a cool-off from the heat of the summer sun. We're enjoying the beautiful surroundings of our home in Leavenworth this summer.

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