Sep 24, 2011

Life...and a move

So here I sit. Outside on the lawn while my two kiddos sleep. Peaceful. I've realized it's been awhile since I've given an update on the 'everyday' happenings of our little family. So now is the time to try and give a breif update of our 'Life' for the next week or two. As many of you know we've been living in the basement at my in-laws home. And let me just add, wonderful in-laws.

We are blessed.

And in the basement we share the living space with my brother and sister-in-law and their three kids (6,4,1). And let me just say, wonderful BIL and SIL.

We are blessed.

We have been living here all together for the past 2 years. And specifically with Josh and Sharon for 3 years.
One might think..."How do they do it!?" Or better yet, "Why do they do it!?" Well, the reason's why are many and variable for each family; and the reason's how are simple... God's grace and a deep love for each other. Living in community together has been a wonderful means for the Lord to teach, mold, shape, change, refine, discipline, encourage, strengthen, sharpen, mentor, and disciple us. I have learned more about myself, my husband, and my children that would have never been possible without the experiences of this past season of communal living.

I am thankful.

And now the time has come, just as the season's are changing from summer to fall, so must our community of family living. Yes, a big change is coming. A move is underway. Next week our families will part as J and S move into their new home. Honestly, the thought of it at this point is two-fold. Part of me leaps with excitement for the thought of a place to make just our own, increased moments of silence, more sleep (most likely), less messes to clean on the floor after meals or with the piles of toys after 5 kids play, less dishes in the sink, a more disciplined routine, and actually choosing when to have a play-date instead of one that never has a goodbye involved. And yet another part of me saddens with the thought of losing my amazingly-creative roommate, less late night movies on the lawn or upstairs with mom and dad, less late night talks about church-family-friends-food or whatever else Josh wants to talk about :), no loud greeting "HI AUNTIE, GUESS WHAT..." every time I walk in the door, no meal-plan sharing, no helping hand for the crumbs on the floor or dishes in the sink, no dancing partners for Niyah, no live-in playmates for my energetic daughter (who never knew the meaning of only child!), and not to mention no extra stash of 'double-good-choc cookies in the freezer'. Brutal.

Life has been good together, very good. God's grace is evident as we part 'homes' still loving each other and able to honestly say, "I have loved these years and will cherish these memories greatly." And now it's time to continue to go forth living on mission with the purpose of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and for the good of all people.

We love you Josh McPherson Family!

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