Sep 14, 2011

Six Ways of Minimizing Sin

1.Defending: When confronted, my tendency is to explain things away, talk about my successes, or justify my decisions. As a result, people are hesitant to approach me and I rarely have conversations about difficult things in my life.

2. Faking: I strive to keep up appearances and maintain a respectable image. As a result, not many people know the real me.

3. Hiding: I conceal as much as I can about my life, especially the "bad stuff." Hiding is different than faking because hiding is more about shame. I don't think people will accept or love the real me.

4. Exaggerating: I tend to think, and talk, more highly of myself than I ought. I make things, good and bad, out to be much bigger than they truly are (usually to get attention). As a result, things often get more attention than they deserve and have a way to making me stressed or anxious.

5. Blaming: I am quick to blame others for sin or circumstances. I have a difficult time 'owning' my contributions to sin or conflict. There is an element of pride that assumes it's not my fault and/or element of fear of rejection if it is my fault.

6. Downplaying: I tend to give little weight to sin or circumstances in my life, as if they are 'normal' or 'not that bad.' As a result, things often don't get the attention they deserve. They have a way of mounting to the point of being overwhelming.

The Gospel-Centered Life, Bob Thune and Will Walker

The area I most often minimize sin is in blaming. I can be quick to excuse my sin by finding the fault in the other person involved. Or maybe no one person is specifically involved, but rather a thing, or circumstance. In any case, it is sin. I am learning how to identify my sin, compare it to Christ atoning work on the cross, and confess it. The gospel becomes evermore AmAzInG as the reality of my sin is exposed and the holiness of God is revealed. The wonder of it all is that as the understanding of my sin and of God's holiness grows, my love and need for Jesus grows as well. Christ's sacrifice and His gracious work on my behalf become increasingly powerful and ultimately results in a heart that's changed. How about you... in what ways do you minimize sin? Let's together pray for the Holy Spirit to convict, grant us humbleness, and a repentant heart. Christ will be all the more glorious and beautiful.
"The cross looms larger and more central in my life as I rejoice in the Savior who died upon it."

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