Oct 21, 2011

God's unfailing Love gives no reason to fear

Our affliction is from our sovereign God, but so is our comfort. His love is unfailing, and so we have nothing to fear. Ignorance of this causes misery, while knowledge of it brings happiness, no matter our affliction. God sovereignly governs every atom of the universe for the best advantage of Christians. We may struggle to see that now, but in eternity we will see it clearly and will praise God eternally for it. Maybe we think it's a cop-out to praise God for the blessings we have in the heavenly places—somehow it seems we're cheating and that "spiritual" blessings are "unreal," just something to hide in when life is hard going. When spiritual blessings are seen through the eye of faith, there is nothing more real.

What more could we want than every spiritual blessing in Christ? Especially when life seems so fragile and temporal. What more is there to praise God for than all he blesses us with in Christ? There is no more. Despite often leading us through the valley of the shadow of death, we praise him who works out all things for our good (Rm. 8:28). In God's Providence is our happiness.

Taking from TheResurgence.com

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