Oct 14, 2011

Our Story in light of God's Story

We all have story. God is the Author of the one, true, greatest story. And everyone (saved or unsaved) plays a role. We, as Christians, need to be able to think about our story in light of the gospel and how Christ has redeemed us to Himself. When we take time to think about our own stories we will be reminded of the greatness of our sin and the greatness of our God who chose us while we were still sinners! The reality of the cross becomes increasingly glorious and our new identity takes a deeper root in our minds understanding. Upon the moment of salvation, we have been Justified, but do we truly live in the understanding of what this now means? And as we reflect on our story the Holy Spirit will be able to help us identify areas of unbelief that still reside in hidden corners of our hearts.

Each person’s story will lend into reasoning's of particular idols. So again, understanding our own stories, will better equip us to recognize our own idols and an opportunity to apply the gospel to those areas. Practicing this will better equip us to listen to other people’s stories and hear areas of unbelief they are having and then help apply the gospel to those particular areas.


“ For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.” Heb 4:15

Because of Christ we too will sympathize with each other as we recall past pain, suffering, and temptations. Together we will remind one another of the hope we have in Christ who apart from Him we have nothing, and with Him we have everything. Eph 1

Here are some questions to think through as you start to reflect upon ‘your story’. These are some key elements ‘your story’ should include as you share it.


*Influential people (positive and negative)


*Spiritual Growth/ Revelation

*Significant Incidents/Circumstances (moving,mission trips,schools,births,etc)

1. I know I’m a sinner because...

2. I know I’m a Christian because...

3. The Gospel is...

4. Where in your life do you see and/or experience the most brokenness (need for redemption)? What aspect of the gospel are you not believing in that particular sin?

5. Describe your hardest/darkest time. How have you experienced God’s healing/rescue since that time?

6. What idols have/do you struggle with the most? Who/what do you turn to instead of Jesus? What’s the underlying sin of those idols?

We’re always looking for:





approval - worth aspects

acceptance - relational aspects

We look to idols like money, food, clothes, things, kids, spouse, house, gifts, success, abilities, etc. to satisfy those needs. What or Who should we be looking toward? What verses help to fight against these idols?

7. My life would be fulfilled if I had...

8. My life would be worthless if I lost...

9. I fear _(fill-in the blank)_ the most in my life….. Death? Disrespect? Losing possessions? Losing spouse, Losing family? Etc.

10. Read Ephesians- Does my story reflect an accurate depiction of The Story I am now a part of in Christ? A new identity, a new family, a new hope, a new Father, a new life, a new destiny!

**Thank Erin James for some of the questions to think through as we focus our hearts and minds on the gospel affects on our stories.

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