Jan 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas morning!

A special visit from great grandma Kay
Her favorite Christmas present this year,"Chapee"=chapstick
A fun lunch with great aunts, cousin, and auntie kay

Taking good care of her brother Si Si

Here are a few pictures from our last 3 weeks of Christmas celebrations with family. We had a full three weeks which included visits from great grandma Kay, auntie's, cousins, grandparents, ggma and ggpa, nana and papa and many more. We enjoyed a Christmas morning here at home with our family of four before leaving for Edmonds to ggma and ggpa's home. More pictures of our travels will have to come later since I don't have our family camera at home with me right now. So these are just some to give a quick update. I look forward to bringing in 2012 with these two munchkins of mine! :)

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