Feb 13, 2012

February 2012

This month has been full of excitement already... Here are some hi-lights:

Feb 1st- My husband came home with a handful of surprises to celebrate our 'dating/engagement' anniversary. After our kids were tucked into bed we were sitting on the couch talking over our day when he sweetly asked what color I think of when I picture the month of February. "hmmm, white because of the snow outside our window or red for valentines day" was my reply. He then said, "I think of blue." "Blue?" I said. He pulled out a card with a blue envelope and said, "yes blue, because I would be oh so blue without you in my life, Happy February 1st." (laugh and sigh). So cute. The card was sweet enough, but it didn't end there. He then proceeded to pull out 3 more gifts one at a time which continued the 'blue-theme'. A frozen yogart gift card to "Blue Spoon", a boutique gift card to "JT blu" in Leavenworth, and blue wrapped silk milk chocolate candy bar. Awesome. It was so fun! And so thoughtful!

Feb 10-11th- We had our Gospel Community leaders retreat. It was a special time of team building, vision casting, and praising God for His works of grace in our lives and those in our Gospel Community Groups at GCC. I am so thankful for the church family I have and the Gospel Community group we are living life with. I've never had the need for the gospel be so pressing, or the thankfulness of the gospel be so tangible. Daily living as a sent people on mission with the gospel is the toughest way to live and yet the most rewarding way to live. All because the One who sent us, is the One who went before us, and is the One who goes with us.

Feb 12th- My mom had her Birthday and spent the day in our neck of the woods! Nani and Popii came to our house for dinner to celebrate. And yes, Niyah made some 'pupcakes' as she sweetie requests for any birthday party! It was a fun time to visit and have them visit the kids. The dinner from garlini's was a delicious favorite for mom (and us all) to enjoy too!
Today also marked the 9th month birthday for our lil' man Silas! He is such a sweet boy. He has a very tender heart and is learning the ropes of life vertically as he loves to spend most of the day standing alongside our couches and cruising from one to the other. He loves his sister, and I swear he is saying her name "Na Na Na"(for Ni Ni) the last couple days, or he could be meaning Ma-ma." Either way, it's adorable. He can raise his hands into the sky when we say "so big!", and he can clap his hands, and wave. We are working on pleases and thank you's via sign-language. So we'll see how that goes. :) He is a delight and a continual blessing to our family.

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