Feb 8, 2009

Knowing God-Intimately

A wise woman recently instructed me with these words, "An intimate relationship with God does not happen without sacrifice and discipline...We are commanded to memorize God's word so His thoughts come to us when our minds are still."

Is God's Word important enough and engraved deep within my heart that it takes over my random thoughts during the day? I need discipline to take the Word of God and plant it in my own soul so that it may produce a harvest for myself and others to feast upon. I pray scripture would flow from my mouth to minister to my husband and children in the home everyday, to encourage the widow, strengthen the weak, and bless the needy within our community both within the church and with out. But in order to do so, Christ must reign within me; and for His true authority Scripture must be hidden in my heart -Psalm 119.

We have been given a precious gift in the life-giving gospel message. I ask, how can I be a woman of the Word, who loves the Word, and who lives the Word? The answer: Pray, memorize Scripture, pray again, keep working on memorizing, and pray some more! With Scripture memorization much wisdom is to be had; or dare I say ALL wisdom is to be had. In fact, the meaning of true wisdom is discovered and freely offered to those who find it. A treasure in the midst of a field of treasures within Scripture!

God has promised to give wisdom, as wisdom is sought with rightful adoration of the fear of Yahweh. It takes a disciplined mind and humble heart to sacrifice for the sake of knowing God more intimately. But the pain in sacrifice is greatly outweighed by the blessing poured forth by our Maker who meets us with rivers of living water, washes us clean, strengthens us in Christ to continue on in this pilgrimage, and graces us with a life finished in memorable honor.

"The fear of the Yahweh is instruction in wisdom, and humility comes before honor."
Prov. 15:33

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