Jun 3, 2009

An Encouraging word from D.A. Carson

I am encouraged by this quote given to me by my husband:

" (Luke 10:20) Do not tie your joy, your sense of well-being to anything in this world. Tie your joy to the fact you are known and loved by God; tie it to your salvation; tie it to the sublime truth that your name is written in heaven. That can never be taken from you.

Here then is the practical test as to whether the excellence I pursue is really for the glory and praise of God or for my own self-image: if the things I value are taken away, is my joy in the Lord undiminished? Or am I so tied to my dreams that the destruction of my dreams means I am destroyed as well?

Paul's pursuit in prayer of what is excellent is not idolatrous; rather, it is bound up with praising God."
D.A. Carson.

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