Feb 1, 2010

8th Anniversary of 'Feb. 1st'

The sweet face of looking at daddy
Today marks the day when 8 years ago my dear husband, Carey, took me for a walk and asked me to pray about starting a relationship together. Little did he know....Three months later I'd agree. 1 year later we'd be in England celebrating our 'young-love' together at Bible school. Two years later , to the day, we'd be engaged (February 1st 2004). Two and a half years later we'd be married. Seven and a half years later we'd have a baby girl. Eight years later we'd be sitting in a quaint breakfast cafe in Leavenworth reminiscing of God's goodness in our love.

Carey, I'd take that walk with you again in a heartbeat.
I Thank the Lord for your love, leadership, and most of all devotion to Christ. You are a husband and father to be praised. Your girls love you very much!

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Mrs. Josh McPherson said...

Praise the Lord for his goodness in your lives. And I thank Him for the blessing of such a wonderful sister! Celebrating this blessed day with you! Much love...Sharon