Apr 9, 2010

The Taco Casserole Saga

I was trying out a new recipe for the week. Everything was going as planned up until the very last minute when I went to pull the dish out of the oven. The smell was delightful up until I opened the oven door. And then I heard it....sizzle, sizzle, sizzle. "hmmm I thought, I don't see any sauce bubbling over from the top, so where in the world is that coming from? And why is there smoke coming up from the base of the oven?"

Then it all came into realization as I grabbed the dish with my two over-sized hot-pads. There down the middle of the pan was a large crack in the glass. I started laughing and saying, "NO WAY!" Sharon quickly suggested sliding the dish onto a cookie sheet. As I carefully slid the glass onto the sheet, the entire back 3/4 of the glass broke off. And so we then had a taco casserole with glass shards potentially all over!

After taking a close examination of the damage we decided the top layer was still salvageable. And so we enjoyed the dinner with about half of the amount eatable. No left-overs for the guys this time around! We barely had enough to feed 6 of us.

So our dinner the other night turned into a 'just about disaster' but thankfully we did manage to salvage that top layer free from glass shards! We still don't know how exactly this happened, but it did make for an interesting experience. One that I hope not to repeat again! :)

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Sarah said...

Crazy! One time I was simmer a delicious smelling dinner on the stove, and the glass lid shattered- and of course when I tried to remove it, glass shards went all into the dish. I never got to try that new recipe.
That taco casserole sounds so yummy! Can you post the recipe?!?! (or just give it to me!) :)