Apr 9, 2010

Snow in April?...

The kid's pinwheels..."blowing in the wind...rather blowing in the snow"

The swings will have to wait

Yes, I guess we do live in the "Christmas town" even in the Spring time around here! We woke up to snow, once again, yesterday. This is the third day in the last week that it has snowed enough to turn everything a 'beautiful-white'. I think at one point yesterday we had up to 1.5-2inches and the day before Easter we had 3-4 inches! Thankfully, in my 'go away snow mood', I didn't have to look at it long. By 1:00 pm the sun was out and the snow was making it's way down to the Icicle river. Unfortunately the sun didn't last long becuase by 3:00 the snow flurry was back! And so this continued, snow-sun-rain-snow-sun, throughout the entire day and into the evening. I was pleased to go to bed with no snow on our budding flowers outside. And then I woke up this morning to see light, fluffy flakes falling from the heavens once again. We'll just watch and see how this day unfolds!

And so we wait for the true Spring weather to hit this petite-long-lived-Christmas town of Leavenworth, WA.

Portland rain... hmmm yes, I'd even take you over this snow. For I am tired of drinking hot-chocolate and thinking, "where is my Christmas music" now that we are into April!

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