Apr 8, 2010

'When you Rise Up'... by R.C. Sproul Jr.

A friend in our church gave me this book to read through as I seek clarity of motivation and foundational concepts for homeschooling our children in the future, including this little one to the left :).

I found these quotes to be intriguing:

"We should understand that teaching our children is our delight, our joy, our opportunity. When we see spending time with them as a burden, rather than a joy, we see further evidence of how encultured we have become. Children, biblically speaking, are a blessing from God. And we ought to seek out time with blessings from God, not plot out ways to avoid them, or hand them over to others." pg 50

"If your goal is to raise children who know the different forms of rocks, you might be wise to put them in contact with someone who knows. But if your goal is to raise from godly children to godly adults, then you are the one for the job." pg 44

"I have to wonder again, how different the world might be if we acted on our conviction that the Bible is the Word of God, if God's people were in the habit of interpreting everything in light of that Word. How might we teach our children if we loved and delighted in God's Word and in His world? We talk to our children when they lie down and when they rise up (Duet 6), we speak to them of who God is and how he relates to his world---that is how we develop a Christian worldview. It doesn't come from reading worldview books, going to worldview camps, or taking worldview classes. Our children will adopt Christian worldview as we talk to them about God and how he relates to everything. That's how we raise up godly seed."

"There is no line that separates life from school." pg 75

"We affirmed that no matter how clever or hardworking we might be, if our goal is not the Bible's goal, then we cannot do well." pg 77

" But with each child I do feel a burden of responsibility. It is a real weight. God not only gives us the children, but also calls us to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. That's scary business....It is indeed a great responsibility. You can't raise your children because it's too hard. They are your responsibility, and denying your responsibility won't change your situation." pg 124

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