Feb 21, 2011

Family Chelan Trip 2.21.11

This is the second year we have been able to go to a lovely home on Lake Chelan in February. Last year we took some 8 month photos of Niyah, so this year we did the 19month photo shoot. The few days we were there were relaxing. Although I was taking care of a sick child and combating a cold myself. Niyah has been 'trying' to get over a 2 week cold.... still working at it in fact. It's been a rough season of sickness between the 3 McPherson households all living together under the same roof. The 'bug' passes from one person to the next; and round and round it goes. Really exciting. Oh Spring, we are ready for you so we can get some sweet, fresh air and not be cooped inside! :)
In most spots the snow is down to 2-3 inches in our yard. So things are looking up! I have taken down anything in our rooms that remind me of winter and put out spring things to help in the endeavor. Fresh pink flowers sit on our table to cheerfully greet us. Yes, yes I do have spring fever.

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