Feb 15, 2011

Vacation with the Mott's 2.11.11

We got to enjoy a night's stay in Chelan with our dear friends Chris and Angela Mott. It was Carey's first night 'off ' entering into a week long mid-winter break from the River Academy. So it was fun to go up to Chelan for a night with our friends! We shared an amazing steak dinner together (thanks to Mike's Meats), delicious birthday brownies (happy birthday to Chris!) and then topped it off with homemade french toast in the morning. The weather was perfect and the kids all enjoyed playing in the sand while throwing rocks into the water.
It is always a special time when friends get together with like-minded hearts on mission with the gospel of Christ, and able to thank the Lord for His goodness in our lives. Time together as 'the church' is oh so sweet. I definitely look forward to all the days of fellowship ahead as Christ's bride; the church.

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