Feb 23, 2011

"Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" 2.23.11

"If you've shied away from this doctrine (of the Trinity), fearing that it's just too complicated or mysterious, I would encourage you to look again. Without question, there are aspects of the doctrine of the Trinity that are beyond our comprehension, but since God has deemed it good and right to reveal to us what he has about how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit relate and work, we must endeavor to understand what he's told us. And the glorious thing is that as we look more carefully at this triune nature and see better how the Persons of the Godhead relate within the Trinity and with us, we will discover a whole new vista of practical application that has the potential of greatly enriching our own lives."
10 reasons to focus on the Wonder of the Trinity:
1) It's one of the most important distinguishing doctrines of the Christian faith.
2) It's both central and necessary for the Christian faith.
3) True worship of the living God consciously acknowledges the Father, Son, and Spirit relationship.
4) The Christian's prayer life must rightly acknowlege the roles of Father, Son, and Spirit as we pray to the Father, through the Son, in the power of the Spirit.
5) The Christian's growth in Christlikeness or sanctification is rightly understood and enriched when seen as the work of the triune God.
6) It will cause us to marvel at the unity of the triune God.
7) It will cause us to marvel at the diversity of the triune God.
8) It will cause us to wonder at the social relationships of the triune God.
9) It will cause us to be in awe of the authority-submission structure that exists.
10) It provides a pattern for how human life and human relationships are to be conducted.

Chapter 1 "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" Bruce Ware

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