Mar 8, 2011

28th Birthday 3.8.11

Today I turn 28. After a week of being sick, I think all our family if finally on the mend. With more energy today, I have enjoyed the day with my little girl and little boy. I woke up to heavy snow falling outside on top of our already existing foot of snow. This was a first time in 28 years to wake up to snow on my birthday. My afternoon snack were these delicious homemade strawberry cupcakes, thanks to my work! No, I did not eat them all. But I sure could have if I wasn't trying to save up for a birthday treat tonight-- Candy's famous coconut cream pie!
Today I am twenty eight.
Today I am a mother of two.
Today I am a wife of one.
Today I am thankful for my birth, most significantly because I was called to be born again.
Today I am thankful for the free gift given to me by the Father in His Son Jesus Christ.
Today I am truly blessed.

"We owe our heart-felt thanksgiving to the Father. To the Father who sent the Son and provided for us. He is the giver of every good and perfect gift...God our Father, is 'for us' (Rom 8:31) to such an extent that he has given us his one and only Son. And the one who has given us his Son will not fail to give us everything that is good for us. To the Father, then, we owe our deepest thanks and highest allegiance." Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (pg 55)

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