Mar 10, 2011

Beholding the Wonder of the Father 3.10.11

"Though the Father is supreme, he often provides and works through his Son and Spirit to accomplish his work and fulfill his will. I am amazed when I consider here the humility of the Father. For, though the Father is supreme, though he has in trinitarian order the place of highest authority, the place of highest honor, yet he chooses to do his work in many cases through the Son and through the Spirit rather than unilaterally. Rather than saying to the Son and Holy Spirit, "Just stand aside and watch me as I do all the work," it is as if the Father, instead says to us, "I want you to see my work accomplished through my Son. Look at my Son! Notice my Son! Look at the marvelous obedience he has given to me. Look at the greatness of his grace extended to those who misunderstand and mistreat him. Look at his wisdom and power manifest in creation and redemption. Look at my Son, for with him I am well-pleased."
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Bruce Ware

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