Apr 26, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011 4.24.11

We had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of Christ with our GCC church family while listening to an encouraging sermon by Pastor Adam James (listen here) and witnessing two baptisms! It was a great church gathering! I am especially thankful that I am apart of the church family whom we can enthusiastically rejoice in the risen Christ every day of the week! For He has risen indeed.
In the afternoon we met my grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and parents for a lovely meal at Swift Water Winery in Roslyn. The meal was delicious and the architecture was magnificent. Niyah especially loved seeing her cousin "Z"- Zealand and playing with her new baloon. She talks about him everyday. We finished off the day back at home and watching 'The King's Speech' in our living room with a 'big screen projector'; our homemade movie theater experience. Great movie.
And so another Easter weekend has come and gone and I am honestly surprised our little boy has not been born yet! We are very thankful he is comfortable inside while growing strong, but he is also making his mother aware that he will be much bigger than his sister on the way out! :) We truly anticipate his arrival with thankfulness. And I look forward to introducing him to you soon!

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