Apr 23, 2011

Smallwood Harvest Easter Event 4.23.11

This afternoon we went to Smallwoods Harvest for their 8th annual "Easter Celebration". As we walked into the mass of people, food, kids, events, balloons, and ester eggs I looked at Carey and said, "...and only because we have kids are we coming to these things now!" :) We are 'one of them' now with a toddler who can start to find delight in the 'fun' of events around town.
However, I do have to say it was a pleasant outing for our little family of four. The sun was out, we enjoyed a picnic lunch while watching "Elbow the Clown", we visited the petting zoo, we got a picture with Mr. Bunny (she wasn't too sure about him), we found one green easter egg during the 'hunt' along side about a hundred other kids on mission to collect every egg in sight. Good thing she doesn't know the difference of having one egg or 20. :) She was completely content with her one little green plastic egg. That's my girl!
Now we continue to anticipate the true celebration day tomorrow as we gather as the church for Resurrection Sunday! I'll post Easter Sunday pictures soon! Happy Resurrection Day to you all. Praise God for the atoning sacrifice of Christ! My soul is forever grateful.

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