Apr 13, 2011

Grandpa Carey's 84th Birthday 4.10.11

What a joy to celebrate with Grandpa Carey last Sunday on his 84th birthday. He is a dear man in our lives. Niyah and I love many things about this man.
I love that my girl absolutely lights up when I say we are going to Nana and Papa's house.
I love how she exclaims "PaPa!" every time we pull into their driveway. I love how another another exclamation of "PaPa!" is heard for all to hear as we open the door to their house.
I love how he comes out of his office as swiftly as he can to greet her wiggling, awkwardly running body.
I love how he 'pops' his figure on the side of his mouth at Niyah and how she tries to copy him.
I love how is gets down on the floor with her and plays ball, horsies, and blocks.
I love how is takes her for rides on his office chair around the living room as he tells her to wave like a princess.
I love how he walks us out to out car each time we have to leave and waves goodbye until we pull out of the driveway.
I love how he has a love for sports and isn't 'too old' to get outside and play still! We had a great game of baseball on his birthday as seen in the pics above. :)
I love how is faithful to meet with the church body each Sunday morning for the last .... years!
I love how he has stayed committed to his wife in marriage for his life- for better, for worse; until death due them part.

Niyah has a special love for them, as do I. I am blessed to be his grand-daughter in-law and my girl is blessed to be his great grand-daughter. He's a special gift from God in our lives.
Happy Birthday Grandpa-Papa

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