May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday To The Man I Love 5.23.11

My handsome Birthday Guy

Birthday morning picture with daddy before work

Niyah made her daddy this birthday card

Today is my husbands 28th Birthday. There are many things I could say about the man who asked me to marry him. And so on this 23rd of May 2011, I thought I would write down 28 words/phrases that I would use to describe this amazing man for his 28th birthday. This is only a tiny glimpse of the many characteristics that make my man so wonderful. So here we go....
1. man of God
2. man of integrity
3. man of humility
4. loving husband
5. loving father to Niyah
6. loving father to Silas
7. Compassionate
8. Loyal
9. Loves to teach
10. A true Friend
11. Honorable
12. Caring
13. Leader in and out of the home
14. Student of the Word
15. Hard worker
16. man of discernment
17. Respectable
18. Funny
19. Enjoyable
20. Thoughtful
21. Wise
22. Excellent thinker
23. Man of strong character
24. Willing to be Discipled
25. Disciples others
26. Displays the gospel of Christ in our marriage, to our kids, and to others
27. On mission with the Gospel
28. Loves Jesus first, his wife second, and our kids third
I love you very much Carey Daniel McPherson
Happy 28th Birthday

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