May 22, 2011

Silas' Baby Shower 5.21.11

Grand Aunt Linda, Bop, and Cindi (Hostess')

My Boy

Yes, that huge bear is for Silas

Darling sweater and blanket on display in entrance

'It's A Boy' decorations and duckies in the Fountain


Great Grandma Kay

Silas' Auntie Kay and Auntie Annie

We went over the mountains to my Aunt Cindi's home for Silas' baby shower on Saturday. Silas is now a week and 3 days old. He had gained a pound in 5 days at his 1 week check-up! I told Carey, "I think we have a Big Boy in the making". It will be exciting to see this boy grow-up, and quite possibly pass his mommy and daddy up in height like his uncles Josh and Ty.
He is doing awesome; I would say he is a very good baby. Still a tired momma, but very thankful he is such a good boy overall. Eating and sleeping is the name of his game the past few days. Of which has been very helpful as we re-unite with big sister who had been at nani and popii's house for the past week. She sure loves her baby brother, but is missing the full attention of mommy and daddy she once had. However, she is a sweetheart and is doing as well as could be expected with such a change. Lots of kisses and load exclamations of "Baby! Si Si" whenever she she's him.
Now back to the shower...
The 'grand-aunties' did an amazing job making the day very special. There was a wonderful lunch spread and a delicious dessert table for all to enjoy. The decorations were adorable inside and out including rubber duckies floating in the garden fountain. I felt very loved as a 2nd time mommy to my first baby boy! We were blessed with some wonderful gifts including the GiNoRmOuS brown teddy bear for Silas. I mean, it is BIG! I can see some fun times coming up with Niyah, Silas, and The Bear. Great for wrestling and hunting with daddy, I am sure.
Well, I will catch up more about the happenings of our family (of 4!) soon. But for now Silas is sleeping and so shall I while I can. :)

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