May 5, 2011

We Made it to Week 40! 5.5.11

May 5, 2011 is here and my little guy is still snug as a bug in a rug. It has been a rather interesting day thinking about making 'history' today since I am sure I will write in his baby book what I did on his Due-Date. So far we've had a picnic lunch at Enchantment park with Sarah Rose and her boys, including 2 week old Finn! Very fun.
Now I am home in a quiet house while Niyah takes a nap before heading to town for our weekly doctor appointment to check on our boy. Then, plans are in the making for a dinner out at the Apple Blossom food fair! Yummy! Nothing like a quality meal and dessert from the food fair to get this boy moving. :) Not to mention my nightly foot rubs from now on from my husband pinpointing the pressure points to apparently start contractions (thanks to my pedicurist yesterday!) We'll see how that goes.
All in all there is such reassurance knowing that before the foundations of the earth the LORD has appointed the perfect date and time our lil' man will arrive. I am very thankful for His presence with us as we wait.

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