Jun 24, 2011

Big Girl Bed! 6.24.11

Today marks a special day for our dear Niyah Joy. She has graduated to a 'Big Girl Bed'! Silas is outgrowing his basinet so it's time to turn the crib over to him. Her and Silas will be sharing a room for the next few months.We chose to skip the whole toddler bed phase and jump right into a twin bunk-bed (right now it's just the mattress)! She is down for her first nap on it now and seems to be sleeping soundly. That is after one motherly reminder to get back into bed and not get out until mommy comes in to get her. We'll keep you posted on how it goes for the two of them with more pics soon! BTW the adorable dolly she is sleeping with was made by Auntie Annie. Thanks again Auntie; so special!

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