Nov 30, 2011

My Kids- Silas 6 months Niyah 2 1/2

Yes, it may be that my kids lives are blogged about, but I think that is just fine. Especially when I know Nani and Auntie Kay love to see pictures and updates about them! :) So here is the latest for my two munchins.
Silas is 6months, what!, half of a year old already! He is such a delightful addition to our family. He is crawling all over the place, smiley, sitting up on his own, smiley, about to start in on some solids (still finding the right moment when mommy's ready to tackle the extra routine), smiley, has 1 bottom tooth, smiley, likes to wrestle with his sister, smiley, full of giggles, loves to explore, and did I mention smiley~ This kid is such a happy, easy-going guy. He is a cutie pie. I think he will be a charmer for sure.
My dear 2 1/2 year old daughter is growing steadily into a little lady at each new day. She is inthrawed with her daddy. Every morning before he leaves, "Daddy- I kiss you!" Followed by a skippidy prance to his side until he bends down to receive his princess kiss for the day. Then every evening he returns its, "Daddy- wrestle me, tickle me, jump with me." Oh yes, and he is the one that cures all 'ouchies' with a kiss. Mom just doesn't due. Niyah is such a big helper with Silas too. She gets diapers, wipes, blankets, bottles, clothes, socks, shoes, or whatever else I may need for him. She is quick to lend a 2yr-old helping hand. She also loves to bake with mommy. A darling giggle and exclamation of "whoo-hoo" comes out every time she sees me pull out the Kitchen Aid mixer. The word FUN and YUMMY are both met to perfection when mom gets out the mixer. Niyah is also a wiz at her numbers up to 10 and all her letters; sounds included. She enjoys singing, and I will often hear her playing in her room with a tune in her heart and sweet hymns on her lips. Oh yes, I can't leave out how much she loves pink. Pink shoes, boots, socks, pants, shirts, jackets, hair bows, dolls, spoons, forks, plates, and even Christmas tree are her FaVoRiTe. If it has pink on it, she thinks it's just the most beautiful thing ever! Sparkles are a bonus too. Such a girl.
My kids are such a blessing. I thank the Lord often for the gift of each new day I have with them under my care.

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