Dec 5, 2011

Girls Weekend in Seattle

Mom, Kaylee, me, Annie

Kaylee and Annie

5th Avenue- Cinderlla

Last weekend I was able to enjoy a night in Seattle with my mom and sisters. It was so much FUN! My dear mother-in-law watched my kids until Carey got home from work on Friday so I could get over the pass early and enjoy the afternoon shopping in Snohomish. I just LOVE this little town. Such charm. My wonderful husband then took over kid care Friday night thru Saturday evening until I returned. I had a delightful time with a quiet, yes quiet(no kids!) drive over the snowy white pass, shopping in the adorably cute town of Snohomish, chatting with my sisters and mom, sipping on a hot eggnog latte (first of the season), watching an entertaining performance of Cinderella at the 5th Avenue, sharing laughs and Cheesecake Factory treats, shopping in the Christmas-lit town of Seattle for a day, enjoyed a delicious lunch and drink at Vons, and stayed in a lovely charming hotel downtown. It was memorable. I loved the time enjoying the Christmas season with my sisters and mom and will most definitely look forward to next years outing!

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