Dec 5, 2011

Daddy Date- The thrill of her first skate

Taking some time to 'think' about it

Getting closer to the excitement on the ice

"oh yea, I can do this jig!"

While I was in Seattle having a girls weekend Niyah got to go on a daddy-date to the ice skating rink. She was looking forward to this outing all week! She got out on the ice after some moments of watching and thinking about it~ But once those feet hit the ice she LOVED it. 45 minutes of skating was just the start of the FUN. She is ready to go again to show me how she can "do it all by self mommy!" Maybe she'll take after her momma and grandma Kay and be an 'ice-skater' at heart. Her dance moves at home often include an outstretched leg followed by an exclamation, "look mom, I am skating!"

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Dana said...

Good gracious she is precious! Such expression, can't wait to meet her and see this beauty in action! Miss you guys! Much love, Dana