Dec 7, 2011

Christmas Craft Day

Today was a Christmas craft day for Niyah and I. Our first craft were these beautiful PINK SPARKLE ornaments. Who needs the traditional "red and green" when pink's an option is Niyah's motto. These will be her first 'craft-gifts' to family this year and she was very proud. The sparkles made an exciting mess and will be with us for some time I think. It was worth it though. Niyah even managed to get some sparkle 'bling' on her cheek. Just about in her eye, but thankful we steered clear any optical damage. Merry Christmas to all. And some of you fortunate folks will get to enjoy one of these handmade ornaments made specially for you by the 2 yr old Niyah Joy. :)

Some more pics of our crafts in the days to come! Stay tuned. I'm sure you're very interested. :)

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