Jan 23, 2012

Weekend Fun in the Methow with Stennes'

Niyah was scared for daddy as he 'snowboarded' behind 4-wheeler!

After 3 weeks straight of no day off for my dear husband, we were blessed to escape for 2 nights to the Stennes homestead in the Methow. We had a great time relaxing with friends and enjoying a beautiful stay in Keith and Deb's home overlooking the river. We read, ate, slept, hot-tubed, watched movie, visited friends, played with kids, 4-wheeled in snow, sled, and relaxed! The kids loved the snow and playing with their little friends. Grandma Deb has a play kitchen in her house that was a definite favorite for Niyah to spend the afternoon in 'mommy-imagination'. Very cute. We are thankful for the time to get away and relax as a family by the graciousness of good friends to invite us to come!

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