Jan 10, 2009

Bible Chapter Titles to Memorize

My husband has challenged me to memorize a handful of chapter titles from each book. He has graciously started me out with the following summery of titles in the narrative books of the Old Testament. Feel free to join me in this endeavor to familiarize ourselves with the Word.
Here are Genesis to Kings:

3- Fall; promise of redemption
12- Call of Abraham
15- Covenant with Abraham
17- Covenant of circumcision with Abraham
22- Sacrifice of Isaac
49- The promise of a coming ruler through the tribe of Judah (Jacob blessings to his children)

3- Call of Moses
8-11 – The Ten plagues
14- Crossing of the Red Sea
19- Mt Sinai
20- Ten Commandments
32- The Golden Calf


14- The 12 Spies; looking in land of Cannon 2-Go 10- No
16- Korah’s rebellion against Moses- Earth opens and consumes he and family
24- Balaam’s prophecy- Israelites journey through desert and king of Balaak hires Balaam to put a curse on them, but the Lord causes him to prophecy that from Israel a ruler is coming.

5- Retelling of Ten Commandments
28-30 – The blessings and curses for obeying and disobeying God
32-33 – A Song of Moses; witness against Israel to remind them of God’s faithfulness
34- Moses dies and transfers leadership to Joshua

1- Israelites enter the Promised Land
6-Walls of Jericho
7- Aikin’s Sin
10- The sun stands still for war
11- Covenant of Moses renewed at Shechem

God raises up a judge and delivers them through a battle…then sin again.
4- Deborah
19-21 – Almost obliteration of the tribe of Benjamin

1 Samuel
2- Hannah’s Song
16- Anointing of David
17- David and Goliath
31-Saul Dies

2 Samuel
4- Ark of Covenant captured by the Philistines
7- God’s Covenant with David
11- David and Bathsheba
22- Song by David

1 Kings
2- Solomon asks for wisdom
10- Dedication of Temple
12- Kingdom Divides; North- Israel South- Judah
18- Elijah and Mt Carmel
19- God’s speaks with Elijah on Mt Horeb (same as Mt Sinai)

2 Kings
6- Ax head floats and Elijah defeats an enemy with the Heavenly army
17- Israel Taken into exile by Assyria
25- Judah taken into exile by Babylon

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aejames said...

Hi Tarah!

I think I'll add this to my daily readings and we can quiz eachother next time I see you. Oh man, now I really HAVE to do it, so I don't get it wrong! :) Hope you're feeling well. How's that baby? Yaaaay!