Feb 9, 2010

Labor of Love

Some friends of ours showed us this song the other night, and I love it! I wanted to share it with you too. It is especially meaningful as Niyah is just months past being born and my dear sister-in-law is days away from having her baby girl. What a truly humble way our Lord entered into this world.


Andrew and Heather said...

I stumbled across your blog a couple of weeks ago and enjoy reading your words of encouragement. See keep up the wonderful blogs! Blessings dear friend...
Love, Heather
PS. Yes this is such a good song...makes me cry almost every time...but I held it together at your place :)

Mrs. Josh McPherson said...

Wonderful song...who are the songwriters? Sounds a little like Watermark? Or Selah?
Soon we will enjoy the benefits of our little girl and the labor of love with her arrival...can't wait.
Thanks again for the sweet song. Love you, Sharon