Feb 9, 2010

My Leader...In so many ways

This is my handsome husband. Today I have many reason's to be thankful for this man. Here are just a few I've been thinking about on this 9th day of February:

He tells me he loves me everyday
He shows me he loves me everyday
He adores our daughter
He thrives off of the study of God's Word
He loves to worship His Savior
He has a burden for the lost
He works three jobs to provide for us
He is a man of integrity
He is trustworthy
He is humble
He is faithful
He is quick to forgive
He is honorable
He is patient
He is a diligent student
He is a strong leader
He is respectable
He makes me laugh
He listens
He is a wise teacher
He is a servant
He is a hard worker
He is joyfilled
He knows the One to find ultimate joy in
Oh yes, and he calls me 'my love' :)

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