Feb 5, 2010

Mother of a 7month Old

This picture was taken when I was 7 months pregnant and today the little one who was inside is 7 months!

It's hard to believe my little girl is over one half of a year old! She is truly full of joy. Very fitting for her name, Niyah Joy.

Everyday I am given the privilege to raise this lil' miracle. She never ceases to amaze me with her new discoveries and developments. Currently she has tackled the skill of raising herself up onto her hands and knees...crawling only days away! She will rock herself back and forth, back and forth, back and plunge! This routine causes her to swiftly move backwards rather than forwards but she doesn't seem to mind. At least she's moving somewhere! Oh yes, and this entire time a huge grin radiates from her proud face.

She is also quite the eater. Her present favorites are green beans and sweet potatoes. I got a new steamer for Christmas so I've been experimenting making her baby food. So far, so good! The financial savings are especially nice when baby food is up to 80 cents a jar and she'll plow through 3+ a day!

Niyah has two teeth now. The bottom left poked through the day after Christmas and the right one was only a couple weeks behind. I do have to say... she is adorable with those two bunny teeth! Her aunt got her a 'bunny' winter hat with pink ears and when she has that on with her big grin she is priceless.

She LOVES listening to her daddy play the guitar and piano. She will sit in his lap while he plays the piano and join him in chorus. I hope she picks up his musical talent since her mom seems to lack any! She is also discovering her 'singing' voice. She enjoys joining in on song when I, her daddy, her "baby reading video," her cousin Ella, or cousin Levi start to sing.

She sure knows how to giggle! We have the funnest time playing together, mother n' daughter. She and I can laugh and laugh together. I get glimpses into the future of joy filled moments we'll have together when at such a young age we can already sit, laugh, and 'chat' together. And she does have a hearty laugh followed by a definite girly sequel and then sigh.

So that's a brief update on our Niyah Joy; One of the best gifts we've ever been given!


Vanessa said...

I cannot believe how fast the time goes by. 7 months... wow... she is hardly a baby anymore. We miss you guys, wish we could see you and Niyah.

Connie Anderson said...

You blessed my heart with this post! Daughters are delightful...take it from a mom who knows... Love, mom :)